She and I 2021 HD

20 years ago, Bia fell into a coma when her daughter was born, but that hasn't stopped her from being part of the family's daily life for all that time, even if she's unconscious. One day, extraordinarily, Bia wakes up and causes a radical change in the lives of everyone around her. While she needs to relearn how to talk, walk and relate, her adult daughter, her ex-husband and his current wife will have to readjust to a new family configuration, much more complex and full of challenges.
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She and I

She and I DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 1.5 Gb
Handledare: Gustavo Rosa de Moura
Varaktighet: 1h 22m
Medverkande: Andréa Beltrão Eduardo Moscovis Mariana Lima Lara Tremouroux Karine Teles Jéssica Ellen

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