Black Light 2021 HD

As a result of a traffic accident involving a violation of the centerline, the perpetrator dies, and the victim falls into a coma. After some time, the wife of the perpetrator, Heejoo, returns. Heejoo is bewildered at the fact that the victim’s wife Youngnam is also working at the factory where she goes to work. By accident, Heejoo becomes close with Youngnam’s daughter Eunyoung and learns a new fact about the incident. The true nature of this accident, where Heejoo’s husband was known to have crossed over the centerline, is actually very complicated. Since the social issues of dispatched labor and industrial accidents and personal issues of depression and family trouble are intertwined here, it is more difficult to apprehend.
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Black Light

Black Light DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 1.9 Gb
Handledare: Bae Jong-dae
Varaktighet: 1h 47m
Medverkande: Yeom Hye-ran Young-nam Kim Si-eun Hee-ju Park Ji-hu Eun-yeong Lee Ju-won Hyung-ju Kang Jin-ah So-eun Jo Dae-hee Ki-won

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