The Cursed Dead Man’s Prey 2021 HD

A teenage girl who has the ability to bring death by using Hanja (Chinese characters), names, photos, and belongings; and a just social issues reporter, fighting against the massive evil hidden behind an IT conglomerate. The film for the series "The Cursed".
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The Cursed Dead Man’s Prey

The Cursed Dead Man’s Prey DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 3.2 Gb
GENRE:Action, Fantasy, Mystik
Handledare: Kim Yong-wan
Varaktighet: 1h 50m
Medverkande: Uhm Ji-won Lim Jin-hee Jung Ji-so Baek So-jin Jung Moon-sung Jung Seong-jun Kim In-kwon Kim Pil-sung Go Gyu-pil Tak Jung-hoon Oh Yoon-ah Byeon Mi-young Kwon Hae-hyo Lee Sang-in Lee Seol Jessi Jeon Kuk-hwan Byeon Seung-il Visa Mer

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