Earth and the American Dream 1992 HD

A beautiful and disturbing film recounts America’s story from the environment’s point of view. From the arrival of Columbus to the simple wilderness living of the 16th and 17th centuries, through the agrarian lifestyle of the 18th century, the changes from the Industrial Revolution, to the 20th century when most of the planet’s resources have been depleted — this film examines the North American landscape and all the wildlife destruction, deforestation, soil depletion and pollution that have been wrought to make the American Dream come true.
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Earth and the American Dream

Earth and the American Dream DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 1.7 Gb
Handledare: Bill Couturié
Varaktighet: 1h 18m
Medverkande: Alec Baldwin Ellen Burstyn James Caan Peter Coyote Harrison Ford Mel Gibson Dustin Hoffman Anthony Hopkins Jeremy Irons Visa Mer

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