7 Deaths of Maria Callas 2020 HD

7 Deaths of Maria Callas is a continuation of Marina Abramovic's lifelong meditation on the female body as a source of both power and pain. Here Abramovic turns her focus to renowned opera singer Maria Callas, whose stunning soprano voice captivated audiences around the world in the mid-20th century as her life was beset by struggle and scandal. Through a mix of narrative opera and film, Abramovic recreates seven iconic death scenes from the American-born Greek singer's most important roles - in La Traviata, Tosca, Otello, Madame Butterfly, Carmen, Lucia di Lammermoor, and Norma - followed by an interpretive recreation of Callas' own death performed onstage by Abramovic herself.
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7 Deaths of Maria Callas

7 Deaths of Maria Callas DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 2.5 Gb
GENRE:Drama, Music
Handledare: Marina Abramović
Varaktighet: 1h 33m
Medverkande: Marina Abramović Maria Callas/Film Actress Willem Dafoe Film Actor Hera Hyesang Park Violetta Valéry Selene Zanetti Floria Tosca Leah Hawkins Desdemona Kiandra Howarth Cio-Cio-San Nadezhda Karyazina Carmen Adela Zaharia Lucia Ashton Lauren Fagan Norma Visa Mer

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