Le chemin du bonheur 2022 HD

Saul escaped the coming Shoah as a child by being sent from Vienna to Brussels by a Kindertransport. Now in 1986, he is on the road to resilience and owner of a Delicatessen dedicated to the "Septième Art" - the movies. With Joakin, his protégé, a young Chilean director, they decide to write the story of Saul's childhood and make it into a film. But love comes knocking at his door and confronts him with his past as a hidden child...
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Le chemin du bonheur

Le chemin du bonheur DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 1.7 Gb
GENRE:Drama, Romantik
Handledare: Nicolas Steil
Varaktighet: 1h 55m
Medverkande: Simon Abkarian Pascale Arbillot Django Schrevens André Jung Michel Vuillermoz Éric Caravaca Tania Garbarski Roxane Duran Helena Noguerra Visa Mer

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