The Face of Rage 1983 HD

Filmed in quasi-documentary fashion, the made-for-TV The Face of Rage is set in a rehabilitation facility. Here a group of rapists are required to confront their victims face-to-face. The film concentrates on the bitter verbal sparring session between assaulter Richard (Graham Bechel) and assaultee Rebecca (Dianne Weist). Director Donald Wrye co-wrote the screenplay for Face of Rage with Hal Sitowicz, drawing much of the dialogue from real-life transcripts. The film was first aired as an "ABC Theatre" presentation on March 20, 1983, preceded with an all too appropriate "parental guidance" proviso.
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The Face of Rage

The Face of Rage DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 1.9 Gb
Handledare: Donald Wrye
Varaktighet: 1h 40m
Medverkande: Dianne Wiest Rebecca Hammil Graham Beckel Rich Jeffrey DeMunn Jeff Hammil George Dzundza Nick Danny Glover Gary John Glover John Goodman Fred Mat Hames Singer in Band Melanie Haynes Mrs. Wilson Visa Mer

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