Off-Season 2021 HD

A seaside resort in the middle of winter, with its abandoned beach bars and rain-battered alleys, can easily flank the drone. Refugees on the top floor of a building in La Grande Motte, Carole and Richard Lazure have zero morale: swindled by their tax advisor and badly defended by an incompetent lawyer, they lost their business, their house and no longer even enough to buy the essentials. The eruption into their life of a childhood friend of Richard, a talkative talker with questionable dating, could be a game-changer - or make their situation worse.
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Off-Season DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 3.2 Gb
GENRE:Thriller, Drama, Komedi, TV-film
Handledare: Laurent Herbiet
Varaktighet: 1h 25m
Medverkande: Emmanuelle Devos Carole Éric Caravaca Richard Simon Abkarian Anthony Robert Plagnol Michaux "Le Rat" Christophe Tek Vasseur Stefan Crepon Victor Lise Lamétrie Madame Zambeaux Igor Skreblin Darius Louis Beyler Mr. Bekmezian Visa Mer

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