Hontoni atta kowai hanashi 2020 2020 HD

Story 1 "A Story That Made Akazu no Ma" Sasaki Aya, the site director of a construction shop, visited the hot spring area after being asked to renovate the banquet hall by a long-established inn, was handed a blueprint by the designer Kijima Souji. Although Aya was suspicious, she started construction, but mysterious events happened one after another at the site. Story 2 "Karaoke Shop with Translation" Oono Yohei, a karaoke clerk, was plagued by strange phenomena that often occur at work. "I want you to guide me to room 8." Yohei guides the woman to the 8th room where Yoshioka is, while feeling the atmosphere. Story 3 "Midnight Mirror Image" There was a strange rumor in the mirror in the corridor of a hospital in Hokkaido. However, for some reason, the people around him did not try to touch the topic. One day, Naoya (Kamiki Ryunosuke), who was admitted to this hospital, wanted to go to the bathroom at midnight and left the hospital room by himself.
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Hontoni atta kowai hanashi 2020

Hontoni atta kowai hanashi 2020 DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 2.5 Gb
Handledare: Hoshino Kazunari
Varaktighet: 102 minuti
Medverkande: Mone Kamishiraishi Aya Sasaki Kenshi Okada Yohei Oono Ryunosuke Kamiki Naoya Ozawa Masami Nagasawa Takeru Satoh Maki Horikita Kataoka Ainosuke VI Souji Kijima Ririka Kawashima Miku Kanai Asei Sho Yoshioka Visa Mer

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