Aria the Benedizione 2021 HD

Neo-Venezia has reached a long winter. Ai, Azusa and Anya, who were practicing jointly in the cold weather, visit the Undine Museum, led by Akira who seems not her usual self. At the museum, the trio meet its director, Asuka who is Akira's senior known as Himeya's legendary undine. The two of them are the successors to a gondola that has been carefully passed down since the founding of Himeya Company. However, Akira reveals that Aika, who is expected to inherit the gondola, has no intention of doing so. Azusa, who is not convinced, tries to find out why.
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Aria the Benedizione

Aria the Benedizione DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 1.5 Gb
GENRE:Animerat, Komedi, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Handledare: Junichi Sato
Varaktighet: 59m
Medverkande: Junko Minagawa Akira E. Ferrari (voice) Chiwa Saito Aika S. Granzchesta (voice) Sayaka Ohara Alicia Florence (voice) Erino Hazuki Akari Mizunashi (voice) Ryo Hirohashi Alice Carroll (voice)

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