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The company soldier Hannah and the scientists Gavin and Dimitri are researching an algae project on board the RUBIKON space station, which is supposed to permanently supply humanity with oxygen and food. But suddenly the earth disappears below them in a brown, toxic fog and all contact is broken off - are they the last survivors of humanity? Should they initiate the safe station, dare the return flight and thereby risk their lives?
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Rubikon — The Movie Database

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Storlek: 1.6 Gb
GENRE:Science Fiction
Handledare: Magdalena Lauritsch
Varaktighet: 102 minuti
Medverkande: Julia Franz Richter Hannah Wagner Mark Ivanir Dimitri Krylow Nicholas Monu Philipp Jenson Jonas Emilian Gerzabek Little Knopf Daniela Kong Tracy Sato Konstantin Frolov Danilo Krylow Hannah Rang Knopf Lupo Grujcic Sergio

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