Karamyudh 1985 HD

Geeta is proud of her police inspector husband, Ashwini, who is honest and diligent. But that pride soon turns to sorrow, as he is shot and killed right outside their doorstep. Devastated by his death, Geeta brings up her son, Vijay, and ensures that he gets employed with the city's police force. Vijay is honest and diligent as his father was, and is assigned to rein the ring-leader named "Spider". His investigations lead him to suspect a very close friend of his father, Sohanlal Puri, one who had come forward and honored him with a gold medal, one who is rich and influential beyond compare, and quite capable of killing again to maintain his position.
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Karamyudh DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 2.3 Gb
GENRE:Action, Drama
Handledare: Swaroop Kumar
Varaktighet: 2h 10m
Medverkande: Mithun Chakraborty Anita Raj Amrish Puri Pran

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