Over the Sky 2020 HD

Mio is a girl in high school who slacks off. She and her childhood friend Arata and best friend Madoka spend their after-school days in Ikebukuro hanging out. One day, Madoka tells Mio that she loves Arata, and Mio realizes that she loves Arata, too. But she’s scared of their relationship falling apart and lies, saying she’ll help them. Mio deliberately acts coldly to Arata, and they get into a fight. She decides to work things out with Arata, but gets into a car accident on her way to meet him. She wakes up in a mysterious world. It's the Ikebukuro she knows, but something’s different...
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Over the Sky

Over the Sky DVD/HD/VOD

Storlek: 2.8 Gb
GENRE:Animerat, Drama, Fantasy
Handledare: Yoshinobu Sena
Varaktighet: 1h 35m
Medverkande: Honoka Matsumoto Mio Miyamasu (voice) Toshiki Seto Arata Kishimo (voice) Saori Hayami Kiku-chan (voice) Yui Ogura Madoka (voice) Koichi Yamadera Gimon (voice) Ikue Otani Gimon (voice) Mari Natsuki Mori Obaa-chan (voice) Naoto Takenaka Mogari (voice) Anna Tsuchiya Orika (voice) Visa Mer

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